Geometry object size when exchanging of WKT/WKB encoded geometries.

Introduction The ordinates stored in an geometry objects, across all spatial data types do not have any rounding applied to their values. This is one aspect of data management that is seldom considered by most practitioners. Other articles in this website deal with how to round their values. This article is about a related topic”Read More

Identifying Quadrilateral Polygon Geometries in SQL Server Spatial

In some situations Quadrilateral polygon geometries in SQL Server Spatial can affect processing results. The best example of this is the identification of CircularStrings in polygon geometries. If quadrilateral objects are not identified, they end up being incorrectly converted. This function helps identify such polygon objects.

STDelete: Deleting vertices in geometry objects

SQL Server Spatial, unlike spatial database type systems such as PostGIS, does not provide coordinate editing functions: STAddPoint STUpdatePoint STDeletePoint These functions are not a part of either the SQL or OGC standards. In fact neither provide an API for the SQL editing of geometry objects. If one wishes to do so, one must programRead More

STVectorize: Break Linestring/Polygon elements into 2 point vectors (or 3 point circular curves)

I demonstrated in this article the usefulness of having a vectorising function in one’s spatial database kitbag (there are Vectorize functions in my CENTROID and GEOM packages – in particular the Vectorize function is vital to the implementation of the algorithm in my CENTROID.ST_CENTROID function). So, I have also added one to my SQL ServerRead More

New versions of LINEAR, CENTROID and GEOM etc packages

——————————————————————————————- NOTICE (2020): All packages have been moved to my new SPDBA website ——————————————————————————————- ——————————————————————————————- UPDATE (21 Mar 2018): ——————————————————————————————- I have just released a new version of my GEOM etc PLSQL Package objects. The changes include a re-write of the AFFINE package. Conditional compilation has been removed which means any XE installations have nowRead More

ST_VertexN / ST_PointN – Extracting a specific point from any geometry

I have published a number of times and implementation of functions what would extract a specific point from any geometry object. These appear in my LINEAR PL/SQL package and the T_GEOMETRY object that was published as part of the PACT book I wrote with Dr Siva Ravada. When working for a customer recently I hadRead More