GeoRaptor 18+: Downloading and Installing beta

Installing GeoRaptor for SQL Developer 18+

GeoRaptor is available as a full installable download from this site. Otherwise it can also be compiled from the public source which is available from github.

To download GeoRaptor first go to the online shop and click on the GeoRaptor product.

Then press “Add to Cart”
Press “View Cart”

Note that there is no charge ($0) for the download but do consider pressing the Donate button to make a donation.

When viewing cart, press “Proceed to Checkout”.

The “Proceed to Checkout” page requests details of the person downloading.

Press “Place Order”

The final page will show that the placement of the order was successful.

Press orange GeoRaptor button to initiate download.
Save to a suitable location.

Start SQL Developer.

Select Help>Check for Updates.
Select “Install from local file”
Select file from download folder.
Select Next Button
Press Finish to complete install.
Finish install by restarting SQL Developer.

Checking Install

When SQL Developer has been restarted, to check that the GeoRaptor install is successful, ensure that the following appear.

View Menu Entry
The GeoRaptor Preference Menu
Table Node Menu
Main GeoRaptor Table Functions
Grid Menu and Functions

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