Standalone CENTROID package now available for download

My CENTROID package is very popular but people have to download the package to get it.

I have now created a standalone download for the CENTROID package. This is available from the Download Code, Packages and Installers link on the Source Code Documentation / Download on the main page.

This package contains:

  • CENTROID_package.sql
  • CENTROID_package_test.sql
  • installCentroid_cmd (You must rename it to installCentroid.cmd before install)
  • ReadMeCentroid.txt
  • create_schema.sql
  • test_permissions.sql

The installCentroid.cmd will step you through the install. If you have a preexisting schema then you can choose to install the CENTROID package and its types into this schema. Note that this schema must have the correct permissions which test_permissions.sql will do: if the schema fails then the install will not go ahead. If you do decide to create your own schema then you will need SYS/SYSTEM password in order for the installer to work.

NOTE 1: The CENTROID package ascertains whether Spatial or Locator is installed via the following call:


  SELECT count(*)
     FROM sys.dba_registry
    WHERE comp_id = 'SDO';

So, appropriate permissions are required for the installing schema to be able to do this.

NOTE 2: There is no installer for Linux/Unix. It is not that I am not capable of building one (I have used UNIX since the early ’80s) it is just that I do not have a Linux VM in my office on which I can build and test and install shell script. It will happen. But if anyone converts the current Windows CMD into a shell script consider emailing it to me for inclusion in the zip file.

Note 3: There is no ability in the CENTROID package to create a centroid exactly 50% along a multilinestring. To do this you have to use the LINEAR package. I will add the functionality to the CENTROID package if demand warrants it (or someone wishes to donate a few dollars to the implementation via the appopriate button on this website).