Functions to Convert Native PostgreSQL geometric types to PostGIS

A previous article outlined how to convert the native PostgreSQL geometric types to PostGIS. This article publishes a set of functions that wrap the methods developed in the previous post. PostGIS Functions 1. Point 2. lseg 3. Box 4. Path 5. Polygon 6. Circle I hope this is of use to someone out there.

Converting PostgreSQL Native Geometric Types to PostGIS

Introduction I comes as a surprise to some that PostgreSQL has it own native geometric type system. The geometric types are documented here but the list includes: point – Point on a plane – (x,y) lseg – Finite line segment – ((x1,y1),(x2,y2)) box – Rectangular box – ((x1,y1),(x2,y2)) path – Closed path (similar to polygon)Read More

Geometry object size when exchanging of WKT/WKB encoded geometries.

Introduction The ordinates stored in an geometry objects, across all spatial data types do not have any rounding applied to their values. This is one aspect of data management that is seldom considered by most practitioners. Other articles in this website deal with how to round their values. This article is about a related topic”Read More

Generating a Grid (fishnet) of points or polygons for PostGIS

I wrote an article on Gridding a PostGIS Geometry object a while back. I had cause, recently, to use a variation on this for the generation of an array of point objects for a geometry polygon, so I wrote a version that also allows for the generation of a grid of polygons or points dependingRead More