Change Log

As always with changes and fixes, if you have made a donation you are eligible for a free upgrade.

As always with changes and fixes, if you have made a donation you are eligible for a free upgrade.

2019-11-04: SQL Server Spatial Functions.

  • STAverageBearing — Function that computes average bearing of segments in linestring.
  • STBoundingDiagonal — Returns the diagonal of the supplied geometry’s bounding box as a linestring.
  • STCheckRadii — Checks if radius of any three points in a linestring are less than the desired amount.
  • STDirectVincenty — Vincenty Direct Solution of Geodesics on the Ellipsoid.
  • STEllipsoidParameters — Given a SRID returns the semi major axis and flattening from the sys.spatial_reference_systems table.
  • STGeographicDistance — Computes distance in meters along parallel latitude/medidian longitude or direct.
  • STInverseVincenty — Vincenty inverse calculation between two points
  • STIsCollinear — Function that checks if a linestring’s points all lie on straight line.
  • STRemoveOffsetSegments — Removes any start/end segment in provided linestring that disappear when segments are offset.
  • STTileByNumGrids — Covers supplied geometry object with a mesh of a specific number of times in X and Y.
  • STTileGeogByPoint — Creates mesh of tiles anchored to supplied point.
  • STTileGeomByPoint — Creates mesh of tiles anchored to supplied point.
  • STisCCW — A filter for computing the orientation index of three coordinates.


  • STOffsetLine from STLineOffset
  • STOffsetSegment from STParallelSegment


  • STAzimuth
  • STBoundingDiagonal
  • STCogoFunctions
  • STDirectVincenty
  • STFindAngleBetween
  • STFindArcPointByLength
  • STFindLineIntersection
  • STFindSegmentByLengthRange
  • STFindSegmentByMeasureRange
  • STFormatNumber
  • STGeographicDistance
  • STGridSmooth
  • STInverseVincenty
  • STIsCollinear
  • STIsMeasured
  • STMakeEnvelope
  • STMulti
  • STOffsetLine
  • STOffsetLineByParallel
  • STOneSidedBuffer
  • STPointToCircularArc
  • STRemoveMeasure
  • STRound
  • STSplitFunctions
  • STSquareBuffer
  • STSwapOrdinates
  • STTileGeom
  • STTileXY
  • STTiler
  • STisCCW
  • date_fns

2019-10-18: SQL Server Spatial Functions.

  • Added STForceCollection – Takes polygon and returns GEOMETRYCOLLECTION of rings as polygons or linestrings or MULTILINESTRING with rings as linestrings
  • Added STMBRLongestSide – Computes Envelope or MBR of input geometry and then computes and returns the longest side of the Envelope or MBR
  • Added STMBRShortestSide – Computes Envelope or MBR of input geometry and then computes and returns the shortest side of the Envelope or MBR
  • Updated STAppend – Corrected missing case
  • Updated STMakeLineFromGeometryCollection – Improved to allow GeometryCollection to hold LineStrings not just Points.
  • Updated STParallel – Continue to improve parallel offsetting of linestrings.
  • Updated STVertices – Modified return table to include actual geometry Point.
  • Updated STDumpRings – Fixed issue with function not dumping interior rings.
  • Updated STConvertToLineString – Fixed bug with single MultiLineString in Geometry Collection.

2019-08-17: Oracle JTS Utilities.

  • Added ST_OffsetLine – Offsets a linestring by the required value with optional styling.
  • Added ST_OneSidedBuffer – Creates a buffer polygon on one side of the supplied line with optional styling.
  • Updated ST_Buffer to remove one sided option

2019-08-16: SQL Server Spatial.

  • Added STPointToCircularArc which returns a measured point by snapping provided point to the provided circularstring
  • Updated STProjectPoint to support CircularString and CompoundCurve objects via STPointToCircularArc.
  • Updated documentation.

2019-07-19: SQL Server Spatial.

  • Corrected installation errors
  • Fixed STPointFromText null Z with M handling
  • Moved all PostGIS LRS functions into a single script.
  • Added STLocateBetweenElevations, STLineSubstring, and STLineInterpolatePoint
  • Modified STExtract to extract polygon ring sub elements where ring defined using CircularCurve or CompoundCurve.
  • Modified STIsMeasureDecreasing
  • Modified STCogo2Line
  • Improved function documentation.
  • Updated html documentation.

2019-05-17: SQL Server Spatial

  • Added STDensify function which implements a basic geometry densification algorithm.
  • Added STGeometryTypes function which extracts all geometry type keywords from a geometry (and its sub-elements) eg COMPOUNDCURVE,LINESTRING,CIRCULARSTRING

2019-01-12: Oracle PLSQL Object code.

  • Created Linux bash script