Spatial and Oracle 12c

Oracle 12c must be at least 6 months away.

Here is a posting by spatialPhil on what may be in 12c for spatial practitioners.

The real news in this posting is:

Oracle Locator ‘beefed’ up
The entire SDO_GEOM package will now be available in Locator (rather than previously where some of the more powerful functions where only available in Spatial). This is a good move and will open up a fair bit more functionality to those without the full Spatial licence.

What this specifically means is that, finally, the following functions will be available for Locator users:


Given that this functionality has been free in all other database products from the very first time they appeared, for Oracle users it has been a long time coming.

So, a belated thank you to Oracle for doing this.

I hope this includes Locator access to the related SDO_AGGR_UNION etc operators.

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