As a professional computer scientist, my specific interests are in databases and solutions architecture, and have many years of experience with database technologies from mainframes through to personal computers.

I have been using Oracle since version 6 and am recognised by the Oracle Spatial development team as one of the early adopters (Oracle 8i – 8.1.7) and experts of Oracle Spatial.

In 2011 that experience was recognised when Oracle awarded me the “2011 Oracle Spatial Excellence Award for Education and Research”. I have also written a book with Oracle’s Dr Siva Ravada called “Applying and Extending Oracle Spatial

While most of my solutions work centres on Oracle, I now have quite a few years experience designing, programming, tuning and working with SQL Server Spatial, having started by being on the original beta program for SQL Server 2008 Spatial (aka “Katmai”). I make available over 200 TSQL functions to SQL Server Spatial users across multiple versions.

I am also expert in designing databases for, and programming, PostgreSQL/PostGIS.

I have (next to the original designer and programmer) the longest experience of using ArcSDE in the industry and can help you get the best out of this piece of ESRI software, and show you how to make it work with other spatial software (especially open source).

In short, I have the necessary experience to help you implement the best spatial database solution possible.

My experience is not limited just to databases.

I have managed “GIS” infrastructure management teams, designed and built systems integrating spatial processing within business systems in the areas of mapping, editing, analysis, GPS field data capture etc.

Finally, as a geospatial professional with IT and Oracle qualifications and experience, I can help guide the uptake of geospatial technologies into business’s IT infrastructures.

Let me help you cost-effectively spatially-enable your enterprise.

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