Boarder and District Spatial Information Group Presentation on Spatial Datbases

On Tuesday November 11th 2008 I gave a 1 hour presentation on spatial databases entitled An Introduction to Spatial Databases to the Boader and District Spatial Information Group (BADSIG) at Albury NSW.

The presentation was rather long as, generally, GIS practitioners are usually unfamiliar with database technology (no fault of their own) and so I felt I had to cover the computer science theory behind databases before moving on to describe object-relational databases (the required host technology) by descibing how their extensible type systems are used to create true spatial database implemenations. I also included slides on the OpenGIS and ISO standards that apply to spatial implementations.

Finally, I finished with some examples, drawn from the real world, which showed how spatial database technology can be used to solve business problems.

The presentation was not perfect and was too much information for the group to swallow in one bite, but I have posted it on my site in case anyone is interested in the technology

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