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This website is for accessing the software and mentoring products that The SpatialDB Advisor makes available.

It will take time to settle the new site, the new installers and the packaged code. If you download any product and have difficulties installing it, and running it for the first time, please contact me immediately for a fix.

All the downloadable software products are not being sold.

So why are you charging?

I am asking for a donation for the hundreds of hours spent on the code over the years. And I am asking for the donation up front (before the product can be used).

I am doing this based on years of experience in making code available and hoping for a donation later. It is now time to try a different approach. 

All products are tax inclusive. However I am still working out the problem of how taxes are handed, in particular the Australian GST. 

Blog articles can be read back at the main The SpatialDB Advisor website. They will be migrated to this site over time.

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Showing 1–12 of 16 results