Implementing Point-based Costs in pgRouting

Implementing Point-based Costs in pgRouting pgRouting is a great tool but it does have certain limitations. One limitation is that one cannot have costs at specific nodes. All costs have to be edge based. Discussion on Node/Edge Costs in pgModeler For example, suppose a network has a stop valve between two pipes. Normally the stopRead More

Using SQL Server XML and Spatial to import VicMap seed/Incremental Update Format (IUF) data (Part 3)

This is the 3rd and last blog post about processing VicMap IUF XML data. (The 6 month delay is because I lost a draft of this article, and have been doing other things.) While much in this and the previous articles are about an Australian XML data format, the principles outlined remain the same. ThisRead More

Spatially Extending Database Management and Development Tools: GeoRaptor, DBeaver, pgAdmin and SSMS

“Imitation is the Greatest Form of Flattery” Before I talk about SSMS, pgAdmin and DBeaver spatial visualisation solutions, some history about the first spatial tool that extended a (non-GIS) database management and development tool: GeoRaptor. GeoRaptor History Many years ago a visionary programmer added spatial capabilities to SQL Developer 0.9, calling his extension GeoRaptor (theRead More

There’s Network Analysis, and then there IS Network Analysis

Solutions are built by layering technology, from the simple to the complex. Nothing more illustrates this than considering network analysis. Firstly, most Geographic Information Systems (insert your favorite here), and database vendors like Oracle and PostgreSQL/PostGIS provide a basic routing engine. And what they offer is generally basic: a network or graph model, functions forRead More

Geomatics Degrees, Space Curves and Oracle Spatial

One of the things that should be taught to GIS students at Uni but isn’t in a lot of courses is the notion of space keys or space-filling curves. The mathematics behind these keys was done before computing by mathematicians like: Giuseppe Peano David Hilbert The one that most GIS people are introduced to isRead More

What is Route Optimization?

Most GIS offer network data structures and routing functions. For example pgRouting. However, these functions are almost entirely limited to basic graph analysis. Some offer more conditional routing, within node and edge weighting. Examples include Dijkstra Shortest Path or Travelling Salesperson. Complex routing such as when one wants to optimally route a deliver truck (egRead More