Oracle Locator vs Oracle Spatial: A Reflection on Oracle Licensing of the SDO_GEOM Package

UPDATES This article is left here for historical reasons only.  From 12C onwards all of the SDO_GEOM package is available to Locator users. However, SDO_GEOM.SDO_LENGTH, when given an XYZ linestring will only return its 2D length for Locator users but its slope length for Enterprise users.  Spatial Companion For Oracle (SC4O) – See end ofRead More

FAST REFRESHing of Oracle Materialized Views containing Sdo_Geometry columns

After much trial and error at a couple of customer sites, I worked out how to get FAST REFRESHing of materialized views that contain Sdo_geometry columns. The following points give you a starting guide. Yes, the Oracle documentation really is your best source of information, but sometimes being able to see how others made itRead More

Australian MGA/AMG Zone Calculation from geographic (longitude/latitude) data

Someone asked on Oracle Technet recently about how to compute the Australian AMG/MGA (UTM) zone from longitude latitude data (geographicals) expressed in NAD84. My solution is via a single SQL statement as follows (the first statement is just to show the SRIDs associated with the right projections.

Loading Shapefiles (SHP) into Oracle Spatial

When working with SHP files be aware that polygon data with holes or multi-part polygons (with/without hole) can often have holes (2003) and multi-parts (1003) with the wrong rotation. Wrong rotation is for outer shells (1003) that means Clockwise as against Clockwise and for inner shells or holes (2003) this means anti-clockwise when they shouldRead More

Microsoft to release their own spatial capability for SQL Server

My friend, Andrew Hallam just pointed out something that I missed. Microsoft is developing a new release of SQL Server that includes capability for “geographic” data. Note the “geographic” down near the bottom of this press release on Katmai Also this note on the future version of SQL Server Supposedly scheduled to ship in 2008Read More

The significance of sdo_lb/sdo_ub in USER_SDO_GEOM_METDATA: Do I need it?

Questions are often raised about the significance of the SDO_LB and SDO_UB fields of the SDO_DIM_ELEMENT structures that define the spatial extent of the dimensions (SDO_DIM_ARRAY) of a table/column in Oracle’s metadata tables (accessed via the USER_SDO_GEOM_METADATA and ALL_SDO_GEOM_METADATA views). The structure of the the ALL_SDO_GEOM_METADATA view is: An MDSYS.SDO_DIM_ARRAY is an array of MDSYS.SDO_DIM_ELEMENTsRead More

Oracle Spatial Forum – Melbourne April 2007

I was asked by Ross Caldow from Geomatic Technologies to give a presentation at an Oracle Spatial Forum held in Melbourne, Victoria on April 26th. The talk I gave was a technical one called “Oracle Spatial – inside the square”: The idea behind the talk was to show how other Oracle components freely available inRead More

Radius Studio and FDO

In 2006 I spent 3 months conducting some research and development for 1Spatial under a UK Department of Trade and Industry grant. That research was predominantly aimed at investigating methods whereby their flagship product, Radius Studio, could integrate with ESRI GeoDatabase technology in a way that adds value to both company’s products. The research concludedRead More