Oracle Spatial Forum – Melbourne April 2007

I was asked by Ross Caldow from Geomatic Technologies to give a presentation at an Oracle Spatial Forum held in Melbourne, Victoria on April 26th.

The talk I gave was a technical one called “Oracle Spatial – inside the square”: The idea behind the talk was to show how other Oracle components freely available in XE and all other editions can be, and should be used when constructing solutions for customers.

The talk was broken into 3 areas:

# Generation of test data (points).
# Use of Oracle’s XML-DB to load and process the Victorian Governments Incremental Update Format XML data.
# Use of some SQL99 analytics coupled with hierarchical queries to conduct simple “network traces” of a hierarchically ordered pipe network.

(All three used or referenced function-based indexes.)

I said that all the data and worked examples would be available for download from my site.

Today I uploaded them.

You can download the package from “here”:

Thanks for Mid Coast Water (node/pipe data) and Department of Sustainability and Environment (IUF XML) for the data which they have given permission to be used.