How to calculate cumulative length of a linestring, or the truck tonnage that accumulates across a set of roads

This articles describes how to compute the cumulative length of a single linestring, or the total tonnage that crosses a set road segments.

Geometry object size when exchanging of WKT/WKB encoded geometries.

Introduction The ordinates stored in an geometry objects, across all spatial data types do not have any rounding applied to their values. This is one aspect of data management that is seldom considered by most practitioners. Other articles in this website deal with how to round their values. This article is about a related topic”Read More

CheckRadii: Identifying Tight Radius Curves sections within LineString geometry data

Sometimes it is a data quality requirement for linear data (roads, pipelines, transmission lines) that curves within the lines must have a radius greater than a particular amount. Recently a customer asked me to write some TSQL functions to help them run data quality checks over linear data loaded into a SQL Server 2008 geometryRead More

The Frontage Problem: Creating references from land parcel street frontage boundary to point in street

This article demonstrates the power of database-based spatial processing. The business requirement is to determine, dynamically, the side of a land parcel that faces the street (could be single 2 point straight line to something more complex), and then determine the clockface direction from either ends of the frontage or the middle, to a object in the roads reserve (eg telecommunications pit).

Scheduling the Export of Spatial Data in Oracle to a Shapefile each night

While there is always a need for software like Safe Software’s Awesome FME to automate import and export tasks from your database, the ability to do so just using Oracle can also be enormously useful. I have implemented the approach described below many times over the years, in different customer sites. At one customer site,Read More

ST_Densify for Object PLSQL

The Java Topology Suite (JTS) has a linestring densifier function that is available in my Spatial Companion for Oracle (SC4O) solution. See here for documentation. For those who aren’t able to install SC4O (some DBAs don’t like it), there was a PL/SQL function in my the old GEOM Package implemetation on this website that allowsRead More