Pseudo Array Implementation for SQL Server Spatial (Part 2)

Introduction Data Structure + Base Function Accessors and Setters Four functions are declared for processing geometry or geography data within the array. These are “wrappers” over _STArray. Examples Declare @array xml select ‘Empty Array’ as test, [dbo].[STNumArray](@array) as arraySize; test arraySize Empty Array 0 Set @array = [dbo].[_STArray](@array,1,’insert’,geometry::Point(1,2,0).STAsBinary(),0); select ‘Insert into Empty ‘ as test,Read More

CheckRadii: Identifying Tight Radius Curves sections within LineString geometry data

Sometimes it is a data quality requirement for linear data (roads, pipelines, transmission lines) that curves within the lines must have a radius greater than a particular amount. Recently a customer asked me to write some TSQL functions to help them run data quality checks over linear data loaded into a SQL Server 2008 geometryRead More