STUpdateMeasure is a TSQL function that re-scales (multi)linestring geometry measures from start to end using provided values. TSQL Function Specification. Description. This function resets all measures in a measured (multi)linestring by applying @p_start_measure to the start vertex and @p_end_measure to the end vertex. All vertices in between have the measures scaled between the start andRead More


STSetMeasure is a TSQL function that adds or updates (replaces) M value of supplied geometry point. TSQL Function Specification. Description. Function that adds/updates M ordinate of the supplied @p_point. The updated coordinate’s XY ordinates are rounded to @p_round_xy number of decimal digits of precision. The updated coordinate’s ZM ordinates are rounded to @p_round_ZM number ofRead More


STResetMeasure is a TSQL function that sets all existing assigned measures to NULL. TSQL Function Specification. Description. Sets all measures of a measured linestring to supplied @p_marker_measure value leaving dimensionality of geometry alone. So, a linestring with XYM remains so, but all measures are set to value of -999999999 if @p_marker_measure is NULL, and @p_marker_measureRead More


STRemoveMeasure is a TSQL function that removes measure values from all vertices in a (multi)linestring. TSQL Function Call Signature Description. Removes all measure ordinate values. Linestring with XYM ordinates is returned with XY ordinates. Linestring with XYZM ordinates is returned with XYZ ordinates. Supports CircularString and CompoundCurve geometry objects and subelements from 2012 onewards. ParametersRead More


STAddMeasure is a TSQL function that adds measures to the supplied linestring. TSQL Call Signature Description. Function that add measure ordinates to the supplied @p_linestring. The function supports LineString, CircularString, CompoundCurve geometries If geometry is already measured it is returned unchanged. Start Point is assigned @p_start_measure and End Point is assigned @p_end_measure. Intermediate Points’ measureRead More