Book: “Applying And Extending Oracle Spatial”

Folks, On Sunday 30th September 2013 a book I designed and then co-wrote with Dr Siva Ravada (Director Development, Oracle Spatial) was released by PACKT publishing. The book is called Applying and Extending Oracle Spatial. The book is also available at Amazon A lot of the ideas I have expressed on this website over theRead More

New Presentation on Active (Searchable) Spatial Metadata for SQL Server 2008 Spatial and FreeText

I gave a presentation on some work I did last year for a customer on providing a sophisticated spatial/textual search capability against over 700 tables of spatial data stored in SQL Server 2008 Spatial. The searching combined Spatial and Free Text index based searching. The basic idea is that the main thing in static spatialRead More

Presentations given by myself at the Australian Oracle Spatial Forum, Sydney, Thursday 28th August 2008

I gave two presentations at the Australian Oracle Spatial Forum held at the Novotel Hotel, Sydney Olympic Park on Thursday 28th August 2008. My two papers were: Automated Layer Management – Experiences At Mid Coast Water Gridding vs Simplification in Extracting Performance from High Density Data The first was co-authored with Mr Brendan Soustal thoughRead More