Presentations given by myself at the Australian Oracle Spatial Forum, Sydney, Thursday 28th August 2008

I gave two presentations at the Australian Oracle Spatial Forum held at the Novotel Hotel, Sydney Olympic Park on Thursday 28th August 2008.

My two papers were:

The first was co-authored with Mr Brendan Soustal though the whole paper was written by myself. The work, however, was executed under his guidance and direction (along with his permission to publish this work) and for this I am grateful.

The first describes how triggers and a PL/SQL package are used to implement a fully automatic spatial layer that is “calculated” entirely from source spatial data that is undergoing transactional editing. As edits occur the dependent spatial layer is kept synchronised through use of triggers, the Oracle Scheduler and geoprocessing code implemented in a single SQL statement hosted within the PL/SQL package.

The second presentation looks at alternate techniques for improving the speed of Oracle’s geoprocessing functions (eg sdo_geom.sdo_intersection) when handling very large, dense polygons.

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