Convert Single Geometry to Multi-part Geometry in Oracle Spatial

Oracle allows single part and multipart geometry objects to existing in a single SDO_GEOMETRY column. For example, a polygon and a multipolygon. This is because the SDO_GEOMETRY object type is singly inherited. (This also means that a single column can also hold geometries from different geometry types eg points, lines and polygons: common in CADRead More

National Broadband Network, Spatial Data & Processing

As a spatial practitioner familiar with many aspects of spatial data capture and processing, I have been watching the responses to the opportunity that the National Broadband Network (NBN) offers the people of Australia and its federal, state, local and private spatial practitioners. One hears very little from NBN Co about what it is doingRead More

Tile Map Service Specification

On the OSGeo website there is a new posting describing the “Tile Map Service Specification”: From the Document Scope: “This standard specifies the behavior of a service that provides access to georeferenced maps in the form of a regularly spaced set of regularly sized squares at a finite number of scales. This standard specifies operationsRead More