PL/SQL Packages for Oracle Sdo_Geometry

I have spent quite a bit of time at night over the past few weeks re-writing the fundamental Sdo_Geometry access PL/SQL package so that it draws from the experiences gained when I wrote a read-only access Class in VB6 that used Oracle Objects For OLE (OO4O).

I converted the basic “Factory” components of the VB6 access Class to PL/SQL and got it to work. I have re-written all my old utility classes (an extensive MBR class, an GEOM utility class containing Sdo_Geometry extraction, rotation, densification, para-centroid, vectorisation components) such that they use the new GF (Geometry Factory) package. I am very pleased with the results.

Before I release the code on this site (I am thinking about using Wiki technology to do this), I am working on adding some Sdo_Geometry creation methods to the GF class. I am also finalising the implementation of augmented WKT methods based on AutoDesk’s Feature Data Objects ADF. (OGC WKT does not support 3D and 4D coordinated Sdo_Geometries.)

I hope to release this code by hosting it on this site sometime next week. If you want a copy and it is not hosted on this site soon, email me by clicking on the Contact link on this site.

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