Usefulness of Spatial Metadata as a Foundation for an Australian and other uses

Disclaimer What follows is a personal opinion based on experience. While many statements appear critical of the people who create and administer spatial metadata in Australia and overseas that is not my intention: we all do what we can do given time, staff constraints and education and training background. Some assertions may appear to beRead More

GEOMETRY_COLUMNS for Oracle Spatial

Recently, I had cause to look at the implementation of the OGC/SQLMM Geometry_Columns and Spatial_Ref_Sys metadata views in Oracle. ISO/TC 211, 6.2 Architecture � SQL implementation using Geometry Types, 6.2.1 Overview says: “This standard defines a schema for the management of feature table, Geometry, and Spatial Reference System information in an SQL-implementation with a GeometryRead More

To Constrain or Not to Constrain: There should be NO Question

In my consulting travels I, like many other database-loving specialists, find databases with little (a Primary Key, perhaps) or no constraints being applied to the data model managed by a relational database (which may be Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL etc). I finalised a report for a Government Department here in Australia recently where thisRead More