Removing Steps in Gridded Vector Data – SmoothGrid for Oracle

Many vector datasets are created from remote sensed imagery. If the conversion processes does not remove the “steps” in the boundaries of the created polygons the data can not only look “unreal” it can also greatly increase the complexity of the resultant polygons (and thus the number of vertices and size of the stored object)Read More

Oracle Spatial DISJOINT search/filtering

The Oracle Locator/Spatial SDO_RELATE search operator, and convenience operators, all provide for the ability to search for a positive occurrence of a topological relationship: Operator Description SDO_RELATE Determines whether or not two geometries interact in a specified way. SDO_ANYINTERACT Checks if search and target geometries have the ANYINTERACT topological relationship. SDO_CONTAINS Checks if search andRead More

Generating random point data for SQL Server 2008 Spatial

There is often a need for all sorts of reasons, for the generation of spatial data within a database like SQL Server 2008. I have blogged on this before for Oracle Locator/Spatial but the tricks to doing this in SQL Server 2008 are very much different from what is achievable in Oracle. This is toRead More

Creating SDO_Geometry from geometric data recorded in the columns of a table

I was contacted recently by someone who wanted to know: I am struggling to create a function where I can take multiple x and y columns and create a geometry from that. I have already created such an function for points. Attached is some of the rows within the table. As you can see thereRead More


Just had need to turn project only the 2D (X/Y) ordinates of a DIMINFO value from USER_SDO_GEOM_METADATA into a project different from its current value. The original values are: Here’s the SQL I used to do it: Hope that helps someone out there. (A lot of these ideas is being wrapped into GeoRaptor. Download andRead More