Usefulness of Spatial Metadata as a Foundation for an Australian and other uses

Disclaimer What follows is a personal opinion based on experience. While many statements appear critical of the people who create and administer spatial metadata in Australia and overseas that is not my intention: we all do what we can do given time, staff constraints and education and training background. Some assertions may appear to beRead More

New Presentation on Active (Searchable) Spatial Metadata for SQL Server 2008 Spatial and FreeText

I gave a presentation on some work I did last year for a customer on providing a sophisticated spatial/textual search capability against over 700 tables of spatial data stored in SQL Server 2008 Spatial. The searching combined Spatial and Free Text index based searching. The basic idea is that the main thing in static spatialRead More

New PL/SQL Packages – Rotate oriented point

I was asked if I would enhance my pl/sql Rotate function so that it handles oriented points. (Note: Oracle’s sdo_util.getVertices() does not support the oriented point.) After a bit of coding and modification of GeoRaptor so that I can visualise the result, I have finally finished the code and uploading it to my website. TheRead More

Fast Refreshing Materialized View Containing SDO_GEOMETRY and SDO_GEOM.SDO_AREA function

The following series of blog articles by Rob van Wijk are an excellent resource and should be read by those reading this article. Sven commented on my article about Materialized Views containing SDO_GEOMETRY data. He still had some issues so he pointed me to a posting he had made on the Oracle Spatial OTN forum.Read More

Performance of PL/SQL Functions using SQL vs Pure Code

I received a comment the other day from a user of my PL/SQL packages about how he had extracted the GEOM.isCompound() function from the GEOM package, and re-written it in pure PL/SQL getting rid of the SQL pivot that that I use. That’s the sort of behaviour I encourage. The user’s comment was this: ThisRead More

Implementing the BEST VicGrid Projection in Oracle 10gR2

There is a Lambert Conformal Conic projection used by Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) in Victoria, Australia that is called BEST VicGrid. It is not available as part of the standard Oracle install (most Australian projections in are provided to Oracle by Michael Stoke’s Navigate company in Sydney), and so has to be created. Here isRead More