A Short Biography

Simon Greener has some 25 years IT experience, including 2 years developing database mainframe applications and 3 years researching geospatial solutions at Telstra (research created Censis’s spatial division), 2 years conducting GIS research at University of Tasmania, 5 years as Director, Technical Solutions at Salamanca Software (including designing first Whitepages web database and application forRead More


The following is a list of customers to whom I have provided services. 1Spatial, Cambridge, England Australia Post, Melbourne, Australia Australian Bureau of Statistics, Canberra, Australia Barwon Water, Geelong, Victoria Brisbane City Council, Brisbane, Queensland British Geological Service, England Danish Police Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment, Corporate Information Technology (CIT), Hobart, TasmaniaRead More

Vectorization: Exploding a linestring or polygon into individual vectors in PostGIS

I find having a vectorising function in my database kit-bag almost indispensable in my work. I have written and revised my Oracle PL/SQL functions that do this many times over the years and so, when I first started using PostGIS, I decided to learn how to program in PL/pgSQL by implementing something familiar: a GetVector()Read More

How to apply spatial constraints to PostGIS tables

This article was written before TypeMod was introduced eg Geometry(Polygon,28355) As I have pointed out in other blog articles, spatial data quality should not engender either/or solutions when building business applications. That is, if I can only create points for parcel centroids that fall within land parcels, then I don’t just build the rule inRead More

To Constrain or Not to Constrain: There should be NO Question

In my consulting travels I, like many other database-loving specialists, find databases with little (a Primary Key, perhaps) or no constraints being applied to the data model managed by a relational database (which may be Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL etc). I finalised a report for a Government Department here in Australia recently where thisRead More

Loading Shapefiles into Geography type column in SQL Server 2008

A colleague is trying to load shapefiles into SQL Server 2008 and asked me the following question: I’m migrating mapinfo and/or shapefiles GDA94 files into sql 2008 geography data type (SRID 4283). I’m using the free Shape2SQL or EasyLoader. Some files fall over with .net exceptions. I suspect something about the coordinates not being validRead More

Converting Oracle Optimized Rectangles to PostGIS

Someone on the PostGIS discussion list asked about a problem converting an Oracle database to PostGIS and he had run into some difficulties with Oracle’s Optimized Rectangles. Is there a way to store rectangles in postGIS in a similar fashion? With the “similar fashion” being all about converting to equivalent 5 vertex POLYGONS: I understandRead More