Implementing an Affine/ST_Affine function for Oracle Spatial

Recently, I published three articles on the implementation of a Move/Translate, Rotate and Scale functions for Oracle Spatial. Given this I thought to myself “Can I roll all these together into a single Affine function”. Of course, 11gR1’s SDO_UTIL package includes an AFFINETRANSFORMS function but there is not one for 10g. Now, any implementation reliesRead More

Implementing a Scale/ST_Scale function for Oracle Spatial

The tools in Locator and Spatial do not include translate (move), rotate and scale functions. I have developed the first two of these and have written about them in the referenced articles. In this article I show how to use the last of these, a Scale function, which I have just developed. Here is the function’sRead More

Implementing a Parallel/ST_Parallel function for linestring data for Oracle Spatial

I have a MOVE/ST_TRANSLATE function in my GEOM PL/SQL package that moves all the points in an SDO_GEOMETRY object by a shift vector defined as a delta x and delta y. But when I considered the idea of moving an SDO_GEOMETRY linestring object a set distance parallel to itself then the MOVE function becomes pointless asRead More

Implementing a Rotate/ST_Rotate function for Oracle Spatial

One very useful function that is missing in Oracle Spatial/Locator is the ability to rotate an sdo_geometry object. A few years ago I wrote a function in my free PL/SQL packages but recent work with PostGIS occasioned my going back to that function and updating it. The function, and its overloads, are: Let’s explore rotation.Read More

Limiting table list returned when connecting to Oracle Database using ODBC

This is not a spatial article but an article on how to limit the list of objects returned to an ODBC client (eg Access) on initial connection. One of the problems users face when connecting ODBC clients to an Oracle database is that the list of objects (tables, views etc) returned includes all the schemasRead More