Image Catalog Tool – How To Videos

Today I uploaded to this site 2 videos show how to use my Manifold ImageCatalogTool to create, manage and populate disk-based image catalog.

Image catalogs are used in ESRI technology, Manifold GIS and software such as the UMN MapServer. My image catalog tool, while not perfect, does (once you have mastered the tool and built some management practices around its use for your organisation) make the creation and management of image catalogs easier. It also facilitates the easy update of imagery in a catalog as well as the creation of single image mosaics from an image catalog.

These two videos cover:

I will add in additional videos and documentation on:

  • How to extract a mosaic from an image catalog;
  • Some guiding principles for chosing an optimum tile size;
  • Some more information on how the minimum pixel size works and how the Image Catalog Tool has built into it processing to ensure that an image catalog improves image resolution over time and does not degrade it.