GeoRaptor for SQL Developer 18+

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GeoRaptor is a Spatial extension for Oracle SQL Developer 18 and above.

It provides a powerful way to visualise and administer Oracle Spatial data, indexes and metadata.


This is the GeoRaptor extension for SQL Developer 18, 19 and 20.

It is currently in beta. Please raise issues at the project’s github site or contact me by email.

There is an issue with SQL Developer 20.4 (and probably before) which sees the conversion of an Oracle’s internal Java JGeometry object to SDO_GEOMETRY fail.

(This problem is with the SQL Developer internals, not GeoRaptor, and it took the actual Oracle developers to find the problem.)

Until the Oracle developers finally fix the problem and release a new version, you will have to implement the following workaround.


AddVMOption -Dsqldev.jdbcproxy=false

to sqldeveloper.conf in sqldeveloper/sqldeveloper/bin (and restart).

2 reviews for GeoRaptor for SQL Developer 18+

  1. declercq axel (verified owner)

    Doesnt work with sql19.2.1. Only with sql20+

  2. Peter2 (verified owner)

    For me, I use just a view features, but it is a very powerful tool which helps me to visualize data, find errors and export different data. It is easy to install and integrates well into SQL Dev.
    Thanks to Simon!

    (BTW: To give only one star to a free software because it is said to not work with a software version which is outdated for some years is a fact which I don’t understand)

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