Oracle Spatial PL/SQL and VB6 Source Code

Finally, I have finished enough recoding of my PL/SQL packages and object types for Oracle Locator/Spatial to make them available on my site.

The file contains all my Oracle Spatial Packages and Types.

The package should be installed into a schema called CODESYS. A create_schema.sql script is supplied which should be run as system. Then, the install.cmd Windows batch file should be run to install the packages etc into the schema. (If you are installing on Linux or Unix have a look inside the cmd tool and modify accordingly.)

The zip file contains:

  • A Constants Package;
  • A COGO (Coordinate Geometry) Package;
  • A GEOM package containing some useful functions;
  • A GF (Geometry Factory) Package used to iterate over the elements of an Sdo_Geometry object;
  • A TESSELATE package containing some QuadTree and Spatial_Key functions;
  • An MBR Type + Methods for creating and manipulating MBRs;
  • An ST_Point Type + Methods for managing a simple 4D point object.

There are many things in these packages that probably need re-writing but they are there for all to use as long as I get any updates given back to me and some sort of acknowledgement as the original author.

Also, I have included the read-only VB6 library I wrote over the past few years that uses OO4O to allow VB6 applications to read Oracle Sdo_Geometry. The VB6 classes enable the reading Oracle Spatial (or Locator) data and converting it into a number of formats. It requires OO4O and has been tested up to 10gR2. The package does NOT write Oracle Spatial data. Any improvements (there are some in the ported version of the code in the GF PL/SQL package), please send them back to me.

No liability is accepted for bugs or malfunctions in these packages when used in any production systems.

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