Manifold GIS – Tips and Tricks

Folks, for a client GIS I use Manifold GIS. It is cheap, powerful, and if one normalises its functionality by cost (ie the ratio functionality/cost), it is the best value client GIS on the market.

For a good understanding of its power one should read Dr Arthur Lembo Jnr’s Comparison with ArcGIS document. This document was compiled by Cornell University students under his supervision. You may want to have a look at it, as it graphically illustrates how to do certain tasks in both technologies. In effect it is a side-by-side of certain “common” GIS functions.

This page will be dedicated to simple Tips and Tricks I have found useful when using Manifold GIS. Some have been gleaned from Manifold-L the Directions Magazine hosted discussion list. Others from GeoReference the Manifold user forum hosted by Manifold.Net.