First Radius Studio Certified Practitioner

A press release by Laser-Scan in the UK has announced that I am the first Certified Professional for their new Radius Studio product other than their own staff. This complements the skills I already have with their Radius Topology product.

This is a great honour for me and it comes as a result of the time I spent at Laser-Scan’s headquarters in Cambridge, UK from May through August 2007. My time there was funded through a Research and Development grant from the UK Department of Trade and Industry. The research I conducted was on how to facilitate the integration of Radius Studio and ESRI’s geodatabase technologies.

I also provided advice on:

  • the integration of their Radius Topology product and Oracle’s Topology data structures and API;
  • Methods for implementing rules-driven database cartography as part of some work being done on their Clarity software suite;
  • Improvements to their Radius Topology product in the area of nested and hierarchical feature sets.

Finally, as a Certified Professional I am allowed to use Laser-Scan’s Radius product logos on my site. These will be added soon.

This does not mean that I am setting myself up as a distributor of Laser-Scan’s products. No. It simply means that I am a Certified Practitioner who is able to offer consulting services using their products, just as an experience Oracle professional might seek to be an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP).

BTW I intend on becoming an OCP over the next 6 to 12 months.