Urban Trees Data Model

ESRI hosts a set of community created, domain-specific, data models on its website. As I understand the licensing of these data models, they are effectively free and open source. I have converted some of these data models into a form that they can be used natively in any of the current spatially enables databases eg Oracle XE, SQL Server 2008 “Katmai”, MySQL and PostGIS.

However to start off my hosting of free data models I converted a data model that I created over 30 years ago for the management of urban trees. This data model was a part of my final year project in computing science at the University of Tasmania. The model and application (written in Knowledge Man) was used by Hobart City Council up until only a few years ago.

I recently converted this data model into a format that Oracle Spatial could use and also have tested it in SQL Server 2008; the MySQL and PostGIS versions have not been tested (the SQL is generated from the free data modelling tool Blueprint .) This model is complete and could be used as the basis for a computerised tree inventory system for councils both in Australia and overseas.

For more information on Urban Tree Management see The Urban Forest Project .

Computerised Tree Inventory System – Data Model
(Blue entities have a spatial description; Green entities only contains text attributes)

Computerised Tree Inventory System Database