Oracle PL/SQL Affine Package

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The Spatial Companion for Oracle – Affine Edition(AF4O) is a collection of functions for performing AFFINE transformations.

The functions break down by the method of implementation.

The Methods are:

1. Algorithm Implemented using Pure PL/SQL

  • Rotate– Simply rotates a shape around supplied axis point (or centre of MBR) by a specified rotation in whole circle degrees
  • Scale– Function which updates all coordinates in a shape by applying an x/y/z factor.
  • Move– Pure PLSQL Function which updates all coordinates in a shape by applying x/y shift.

  • 2. Transformations implemented using Oracle matrix processing capability.

  • ST_Affine – Applies a 3D affine transformation to the geometry to do things like translate, rotate, scale in one step. Uses SYS.UTL_NLA, SYS.UTL_NLA_ARRAY_DBL, SYS.UTL_NLA_ARRAY_INT. Functionally aligns with PostGIS’s ST_Affine.

  • 3. Affine transformations implemented as wrappers over the MDSYS.SDO_UTIL.AFFINETRANSFORMS package.

      It is important to note that these functions simplify access to the MDSYS.SDO_UTIL.AFFINETRANSFORMS functions based on categorized access eg Rotate, Move, Scale.
  • ST_Rotate
  • ST_Scale
  • ST_Translate
  • ST_RotateTranslateScale
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