PL/SQL Objects from “Applying and Extending Oracle Spatial”

In my book (co-authored with Dr Siva Ravada) I provide those who purchase it with a number of Oracle Objects that are a re-write of a lot of the packages I have made available on this website over the years. Those object types include new material besides the re-writes and bug fixes.

The object types I provide in the book are:

  • T_ElemInfo (plus T_ElemInfoSet ie table of T_ElemInfo)
  • T_Grid (plus T_Grids ie table of T_Grid)
  • T_Vertex (plus T_Vertices ie table of T_Vertex)
  • T_Vector (plus T_VectorObj ie an object of T_Vector and T_Vectors ie table of T_VectorObj)
  • T_Geometry (plus T_Geometries ie table of T_GeomRow is object wrapper of T_Geometry)

These objects are being documented using RoboDoc. They appear in the left panel of this site’s source code page as a master index and as individual T_* objects.

The actual source code is only available once you purchase the book (either in electronic form or paperback edition).

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