New versions of PL/SQL packages uploaded

It has been a while (GeoRaptor took all my free/spare time) but I have uploaded a new version of the existing free PL/SQL packages to my website.

The changes include:

  • Slow migration away from old Types eg VectorSetType to new types T_Vectors that are shared with other packages not in this zip file (GEOPROCESS, LINEAR, SDO_ERROR etc);
  • Performance improvement of some critical functions cf GetVector;
  • Addition of new functions eg GEOM.concatLines, GEOM.Polygon2Rectangle, GEOM.Rectangle2Polygon etc;
  • Slow rationalisation/removal of old functions needed for 9i.

I have updated the Windows install.cmd file but NOT the as I do not have
a Linux/unix vm currently on my server (I am working on it but there is only me and I am doing all this Java and PL/SQL work AND GeoRaptor for SQL Developer in my own time!). If you compare the two you should be able to work out what has changed and make the relevant changes. If you do this, and get it to work, please send it to me via email for inclusion in the packages.

Finally, I have updated the installer so that it checks the schema into which you are installing the packages (if you chose not to let the installer create its own – which most DBAs do not like) has the required permissions. If you do not it will stop. Check the log to see what permission is required.

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