What is Route Optimization?

Most GIS offer network data structures and routing functions.

For example pgRouting.

However, these functions are almost entirely limited to basic graph analysis.

Some offer more conditional routing, within node and edge weighting.

Examples include Dijkstra Shortest Path or Travelling Salesperson.

Complex routing such as when one wants to optimally route a deliver truck (eg online shopping with home delivery), these tools are inadequate (for example pgRouting cannot respect restrictions placed on nodes: everything is edge based).

These basic tools may form a basis for building advanced routing functionality, but their provision of a simple data structure may not provide sufficient value for a company to risk its software architecture and product on this, externally managed, software and structures.

There are commercial offerings for optimized routine, but I was recently made aware of this, most useful, introductory article.

OptimoRoute – Route Optimization

OptimoRoute aims at help any company, with a delivery problem, improve their costs in optimizing their logistics.

In these days of the coronavirus, more than ever there is a need for targeted optimized routing via professional services such as that provided by OptimoRoute.