New versions of LINEAR, CENTROID and GEOM etc packages

——————————————————————————————- NOTICE (2020): All packages have been moved to my new SPDBA website ——————————————————————————————- ——————————————————————————————- UPDATE (21 Mar 2018): ——————————————————————————————- I have just released a new version of my GEOM etc PLSQL Package objects. The changes include a re-write of the AFFINE package. Conditional compilation has been removed which means any XE installations have nowRead More

TESSELATE and CENTROID package updates

Today (25th February 2015) I uploaded the following changes to the following packages: 1. TESSELATE Reduce complexity of package interface. Removed all Quad_Tree Initialise procedures (Quad_Tree functions internally initialise). All SPACE_KEY functions removed: package now only supports morton key generation. Added new ST_TileGeometry functions that provide greater options for tiling (or generating a regular gridRead More

Applying and Extending Oracle Spatial: Source Code Problem

Source Code The source code for the T_GEOMETRY object which was released with my book “Applying and Extending Oracle Spatial” (co-authored with Dr Siva Ravada) is incorrect. The zip file code for chapters 6,7,8, 10 and 11 is draft code from an earlier stage of the book’s production. The final code (which include the vitallyRead More

PL/SQL Objects from “Applying and Extending Oracle Spatial”

In my book (co-authored with Dr Siva Ravada) I provide those who purchase it with a number of Oracle Objects that are a re-write of a lot of the packages I have made available on this website over the years. Those object types include new material besides the re-writes and bug fixes. The object typesRead More

CENTROID package use with ESRI’s sde.st_geometry

I have been emailed by someone who is using ESRI’s sde.st_geometry in preference to Oracle’s SDO_GEOMETRY or ST_GEOMETRY for their spatial data storage in Oracle, wanting a version of my CENTROID pl/sql package that would allow for its use with ESRI’s spatial data type. This is what I was asked: First off love your blog,Read More

CENTROID Package now returns centroid of multi-linestring

My original CENTROID package’s sdo_centroid() functions, when supplied with a multilinestring sdo_geometry, would “explode” the multilinestring into its component linestrings and calculate the centroid (mid-point) of the largest linestring. Some users have asked for the centroid package to return the centroid (midpoint) of the whole multilinestring. While the LINEAR package can do this, I haveRead More