Training Course: SQL Server Spatial Basic

$750.00 (inc. GST Australia)


This hands-on (2 DAY) training course is designed to equip Spatial, IT or Database Administration professionals with basic skills for managing and processing spatial data in a SQL Server database.

This course allows for the use of data specific to the group being trained. Contact me to be provided with details on what is required.

This course’s unit charge is for 1 student with a minimum quantity of 5 students (minimum) to a maximum of 10.

Topics Covered

  1. Geometry and geography types
  2. Spatial Reference Identifiers (SRID) for your data
  3. Point, line and polygon objects storage
  4. Create, validate and visualise geometry objects using well-known text (WKT)
  5. Spatial constructors and methods for each geometry type
  6. Inspect a geometry object’s structure using the relevant methods
  7. Load data from spreadsheets and external GIS formats
  8. Create spatial indexes for geometries
  9. Conduct spatial querying using spatial indexes
  10. GIS software configuration to access SQL Server Spatial data


  1. Familiarity with SQL SELECT statements
  2. Knowledge of relational database models and structures
  3. Familiarity with spatial data and concepts
  4. Familiarity with SQL Server Management Studio

Further Study

  1. Successful completion of this course provides direct entry to the Spatial Database: SQL
    Server Spatial (Intermediate) course


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