SQL Server Spatial Services 2008+

The SpatialDB Advisor, since 2007, has provided training and support services for the Spatial enhancements of Microsoft SQL Server 2008+.

These services are designed to help customers fast-track their take-up of the technology within their business environment.

Microsoft’s adding of spatial capabilities to SQL Server 2008 continued the trend of major vendors providing native spatial capabilities; this was, and continues to be, exciting news for SQL Server users.

My customers come to me to help them integrate spatial capabilities within their enterprise computing architecture.

This integration starts with sound data management principles based on object relational databases and related technologies.

I help users of SQL Server 2008+ access its spatial functionality in a way that will location-enable and improve the data quality of their existing applications and databases.

This is what Kim Saunders, Senior Directory of SQL Server marketing at Microsoft said:

“With the additional functionality in SQL Server 2008, users have a plethora of new options available to them. The SpatialDB Advisor can help our customers use the new spatial technology in a way that will help them improve their data quality and extend the reach of location services within existing Microsoft SQL Server sites.”

I provide quality solutions architectural and database advice to customers in Australia and overseas (including by remote access).