GeoRaptor 4.x Update 2 (Project has Stalled)

UPDATE (September 2017): As part of some consulting, a possible extension developer may have been found to finish hooking GeoRaptor into SQL Developer 4.x via its extension API.

UPDATE (September 2017): GeoRaptor 3.2’s shapefile exporter has been improved after input from a user. It turns out that Oracle and the OGC’s polygon ring orientation is not supported in shapefiles by some GIS software. GeoRaptor has been modified to allow a user to specify what sort of ring orientation is required. A new GeoRaptor Import/Export preference has been added called “Shapefile Polygon Orientation”. This has four potential values:

ORACLE – Leave Oracle ring orientation alone.
INVERSE – Oracle exterior rings are made clockwise and inner rings anti-clockwise (reverse of standard Oracle)
CLOCKWISE – This makes all rings have clockwise orientation (default).
ANTICLOCKWISE – This makes all rings have anti-clockwise orientation.

GeoRaptor Shapefile Polygon Orientation Preference

Fixed Exporter availalbe from SOurce Forge Early Access download page.

UPDATE (July 2017): The conversion project has stalled. After some headway, the conversion could not be completed due to the extension developer not being able to implement critical functionality. We are looking for anyone with the additional 4.x Extension development experience to take up porting the extension. If such a person cannot be found, GeoRaptor will not be able to run on 4.x.

UPDATE: I have tested some alpha GeoRaptor 4.1 implementations and it is looking good for release in the next few months.

After a year of false starts, I finally admitted defeat.

Yesterday (26th February 2016) I let a paid contract to an Italian developer (via Freelancer) of SQL Developer 4.1 extensions to create a “stub”/“template” application into which I hope to pour the existing GeoRaptor code.

That “stub” extension will provide working elements in the following areas:

1. Define menu+submenu with multiple entries.

____Open Map
____Load Shapefile
____Manage Metadata

2. Command/Controller classes for 1 including Java class that executes something when menu/submenu selected. Say create a JOptionPane show message dialog eg When “sub menu X is executed a dialog appears; pressing ok dismisses. The About menu already is a dialog it will be the first one that I use to pour the existing code into.

3. Context menus for connection nodes eg table, view with executable code to display menu.

4. How to add one’s own preferences (panel) to Tools>Preferences

5. How to create context menus for result set after execution of adhoc SQL in worksheet.

6. Snippets.

I will update this article when the template/stub extension is completed.