Oracle CENTROID PL/SQL Package (Legacy)



Spatial Companion For Oracle – Centroid Legacy Edition (SC4OCLE), otherwise known as the CENTROID package, provides a collection of legacy functions for determining the centroid of any point, line or polygon sdo_geometry object.

These functions formed have been re-written and deployed through the new PLSQL Object Edition.

The functions are LEGACY and not guaranteed to be bug free, or fully unit tested.

There are 10functions which at $4.50 is 45 cents per function.

The functions available in the CENTROID package are:

Centroid Functions
centroid_p – Generates centroid for a point (itself) or multipoint.
centroid_a – Generates centroid for a polygon using a variety of control parameters.
centroid_l – Generates centroid for a linestring or a multilinestring using a variety of control parameters.
Sdo_Multi_Centroid – Generates centroids for a all parts of a multi-polygon.

Support Functions
SDO_MBR – Returns Minimum Bounding Rectangle of a given geometry.
SDO_Length – Function which computes length of linestrings or boundaries of polygons.
SDO_AREA – Function which computes area of a polygon.
ConvertGeometry – Function which converts optimized rectangle components in a polygon to their stroked equivalent.
GetVector – Places a geometry’s coordinates into a pipelined vector data structure.


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